Travelocity Coupons! And More Tips For An Awesome Sidebar.

9 Tips to Design a Blog Sidebar Readers Will Love

Sure, you can give people a free travelocity promo code and they’ll appreciate it, but you want every part of your blog to attract readers and keep them coming back for more.

No matter which blogging niche you focus on, you’ll always feel the need to design an attractive sidebar. Putting too many things in your blog’s sidebar will look like clutter, which readers really don’t like. On the other hand, you can never take the risk of missing out on the most essential or popular items that readers expect to see in a blog’s sidebar.

Given below are nine key tips to design an attractive (and uncluttered) sidebar so that you can fulfill your goals while keeping readers happy.

1. Define Objectives

Depending on what you want to achieve with your blog, a sidebar can be used for a variety of functions. For example, many WordPress blogs place a subscription form at the top of the sidebar. Bloggers that want to make a profit often place banner ads at the top. There are others that focus on social networking by putting attractive social media site icons at the top of their blog’s sidebar. Find out what your objectives are.

2. Choose Appropriate Size

Size is an important consideration as well. Though the sidebar size is almost similar in most of the blogs, you may want to go for a wider (or lengthier) one based on your specific requirements. Also, you may divide your content into two sidebars (as you must have noticed in 3-column Blogger templates or WordPress themes).

3. Give the Sidebar Some Freedom

Whether the sidebar of your WordPress blog uses the same background as the rest of the page or has its own, it should be able to stand out. Leaving adequate space between the sidebar and content is a good practice to make readers feel comfortable.

4. Make a Good First Impression

The sidebar of your blog gives you an excellent opportunity to make a lasting impact on the mind of the first-time visitor. While designing this section, you should also include those items that validate the freshness of your blog. First-time visitors will return only when they see some activity going on.

5. Highlight the Flagship Content

subscribe form

Some Email Signups Are More Enticing Than Others….

What’s most important to the growth of your blog should go to the top. If you want to increase blog subscribers, the subscription form should be highlighted. If you’re selling an e-book, you need to make it prominent in the sidebar. You can also choose to highlight those blogs posts that have gained most acclaim from your readers.

6. Use Images

Only links and text won’t make your blog’s sidebar look attractive. If you want the sidebar to attract the reader’s attention, you should use images and graphics to create an appealing design. No matter what items you want to include, you can add some visual appeal to the same for maximum attraction. However, avoid using blinking or animated objects.

7. Create Prominent Headings

This is one of those design tips that will help you stand out in the crowd. Don’t create headings that look similar to the rest of the content. Every single element on the sidebar should have some prominence. It’s also good practice to make your sidebar look uncluttered and tidy.

8. Enhance Usability

Sidebars must always be designed to enhance the experience of users. In terms of usability, a blog’s sidebar should help visitors find things they like. When visitors easily find what they’re looking for, they’ll spend more time on your blog. That clearly means that the sidebar will play a vital role in improving the overall impact of your blog on readers.

9. Test (and Simplify)

What works best on someone else’s blog, may not bring the same results on your own. It’s always recommended that you do some testing by switching elements on the sidebar to discover what makes the most impact in your case.

Whether you want to market your blog to your audience or make money from it, the items that you place in the sidebar will always have an important role to play.

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