Saving Money with Web Hosting Coupons and A.I. Customer Service

Simple Ways To Save Money With Your Business:

It doesn’t matter if you have a simple WordPress website for your business, or if you have a complex Shopify store, there are some easy-to-implement cost savings strategies that you can implement today to start saving money and turn more of your revenue into profit.

web hosting coupon codes - vps promo codesTip #1: Use Web Hosting Coupons

While Shopify has their own hosting service that you pay for, most business websites are hosted with a web hosting provider of some kind. These costs can range from a couple hundred bucks to over $100,000/year. Luckily, there’s a plethora of web hosting coupon codes available that’ll save you 40%-60% off the regular price of hosting, for example take a look at the ones available for GoDaddy on DiscountGo. Web hosting is such a competitive niche that hosting companies will offer steep discounts if you ask them. If you’ve already signed up, call up and say that you’re planning to move to another hosting provider. They will give you tons of freebies and offer you discounts off your bill in order to keep you as a happy customer.

Tip #2: Use VPS Hosting Coupons

vps coupon codesThis is if you have an enterprise-level site, or a blog with very high traffic. VPS is the next step up from shared hosting, and it costs a lot (starting at $100/month with most companies). Fortunately, they also offer even more competitive promo codes to keep their customers happy. Try some VPS coupons on popular hosting companies like Hostgator, Bluehost and more and you’ll save hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars per year (it depends what level of VPS you sign up for).

The rest of these tips are if you have an eCommerce store set up with Shopify or WooCommerce:

Tip #3: Can’t Afford Customer Service Agents for Your Online Store? Then Use Interactive Tools

It may be cost-prohibitive for some e-commerce site owners to hire customer service agents to chat online with their shoppers. Although nothing can top the warmth of personalized real-time support doled out by a customer service agent, there is an equally viable and budget-friendly alternative: interactive digital tools.

Interactive Transaction History

According to the paper, “Theoretical Importance of Contingency in Human-Computer Interaction: Effects of Message Interactivity on User Engagement,” which appeared in an issue of Communication Research, well-placed digital cues can mimic the reciprocal quality of a conversation with a customer support representative. These signals show the transaction history of a user browsing an online store. A website that displays and makes available to each user his detailed interaction history has been found to offer the same level of engagement as one outfitted with live person chat support functionality. The complete interaction history is seen by the user as a form of goodwill gesture, thus improving user experience and promoting the perception that the site is trustworthy. More so, adding a highly interactive browsing history complete with search functionality is not as costly as hiring human agents to assist customers via Web chat interfaces.

Modality Interactivity

Meanwhile, a related study, “How Does Interactivity Persuade? An Experimental Test of Interactivity on Cognitive Absorption, Elaboration, and Attitudes,” published in an issue of the Journal of Communication, looks into interactive web-based tools as an influential factor for onsite user engagement. In the study, visitors to an anti-smoking website were more likely to agree to the site’s negative attitude toward smoking when it included interactive features. Modality interactivity, as termed by the researchers, can be in the form of interactive digital tools, as well as virtual interfaces that enable users to swipe, slide, drag, and click links. It enhances the level of persuasiveness of the site’s messaging and theme.

For online store owners, this extra boost in site engagement can easily mean the difference between a completed purchase and an abandoned cart. Thus, you might want to consider making a couple of tweaks to incorporate interactive elements on the static Web pages of your site soon.

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