5 Free WordPress Plugins to Make Your Site Better

In a digital age where so much emphasis is placed on how much your presence can be felt online, it is very important to make your site visible and appealing to its visitors. You do not need to spend tons of money or be an expert in coding to achieve the objective of making your website better. You can make good use of these 5 free WordPress plugins to make your site better, and don’t forget to check out http://e-festival.net/ for web hosting deals.

1. FLOATING SOCIAL BAR: The essence of social media marketing is to get as many people as possible to see the content of your website. This can be achieved with this plugin. Unlike many social media plugins which are heavy, this plugin increases the traffic to your site without slowing your site down due to its slim nature. It achieves this by loading scripts only when it is necessary to do so. It supports only major social media networks such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter.

2. RELEVANSSI: For a site to be considered as responsive, its visitors must find it easy to navigate. One other thing which puts visitors off a site is the difficulty of navigating the site. This plugin solves navigation problems by delivering search results based on its relevance. This is a great help to visitors who want to quickly get content that interests them. It also comes with features which can match partial words where complete words do not match, allow for a search bar to be disabled on a page, as well as highlight the results of a user’s search items.

3. BUSINESS DEAL COUNTDOWN: If you do a promotional offer which has a time frame, this plugin is just perfect for you. With a simple shortcode, you can have it placed on any post or page that fancies you. What it does in essence, is to display a countdown to the expiration of an offer. This would prompt visitors interested in the offer to act immediately rather than later. at the expiration of the time, the page becomes unavailable and may only direct people to another page with a message that the offer has expired.

4. CONTACT FORM 7: This is an important aspect of a website that is mostly overlooked. Your visitors should have a way of contacting you to show that you are really interested in building a relationship with them. With this plugin, addressing issues that may make a visitor not to buy your product or service can be better handled. The whole point why social media is used to draw people to a site is to make sales. It does not make sense that when a visitor comes, he or she fails to make a purchase because they could not reach you to address their concerns.

5. WP REVIEW: People who post reviews on their WordPress sites would love this plugin that displays their ratings when their posts appear in Google search results. The beauty about this plugin is that it would never cause your site to slow down. It allows for the use of a percentage, point, or star ratings.

These WordPress plugins are free and would go a long way in improving your site to make it responsive and appealing to your site visitors.